TIME AND TIDE: Preorders Now Available

TIME AND TIDE: Preorders Now Available


You can now pre-order TIME AND TIDE! If you buy the book now, it will arrive on your doorstep or pick-up bookstore on the day it drops!

I am both very excited and very nervous. I hope you guys like it.

Click here to buy it directly from my publisher, Penguin Random House Canada / W by Wattpad Books, or visit this page for more options. Of course, I will always encourage you to support your local independent bookstore, so head on in to the shop and pre-order the book directly with them, and I know you’ll be their fave customer that day.

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JM FreyTIME AND TIDE: Preorders Now Available
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COVER REVEAL – Nine-Tenths

COVER REVEAL – Nine-Tenths


Novel cover. Teal field with the words "Nine-Tenths, love is a treasure worth hoarding" in slanted handwriting font. The illustration is of a scruffy twenty-something man in a barista apron setting down a coffee cup on a table. The steam from the cup is forming a heart. Beside the table sits an elegant man in a stylish tartan suit, with ginger hair and half-cupped red dragon wings.

Cover Art by SeanceFemme | Cover Design by J.M. Frey

by J.M. Frey

About the Book

Twenty-four is one year too young for a quarter-life crisis, but hey, Colin’s always been an overachiever. He’s got a degree in Sustainable Tourism, which his family says he’s wasting as a barista, an annoying anxiety disorder, and no freaking idea what to do with his life. The only thing going his way is the cute coffee shop regular, a homo draconis named Dav (who, in his humanshape, is a total hottie.) Still, it’d be easier if Dav didn’t have a habit of accidentally setting things on fire when he’s startled. Like the café kitchen.

When Dav breaks draconic taboo and volunteers as a replacement bean-roaster to apologize for the inferno meet-ugly, sparks really fly. Everything’s finally happening for Colin, until he learns that hooking up with Dav means that under dragon law, Colin is absorbed into Dav’s hoard.

Possession may be nine-tenths of the law, but becoming his boyfriend’s property does not make this whole identity crisis thing easier. Especially now that Colin must navigate politics, paparazzi, and legal questions about his personhood. Colin’s still angling for his Happily Ever After, but the growing scrutiny on his relationship with Dav threatens their budding romance. And if he’s not careful, Colin’s fight for agency may just destroy symbiotic human/dragon relationships worldwide.

The first five chapters of the book will drop January 13th, 2024.

After that, chapters will drop every Wednesday and Saturday morning.

For now you can:

Shelve it on Wattpad when it drops, so it’s in your library and you get update each time a new chapter is released.

Follow me on Wattpad, so you’re alerted every time this, or any other story of mine, updates. (I’m currently serializing three different books at a time, and have chapters scheduled to drop nearly every day of the week until 2025!)

Sign up for my Newsletter to be reminded of the release date, and to stay abreast of any developments with the novel.

Is this book only on Wattpad?

For now, yes. I’m currently working with W by Wattpad Books to release a re-worked, spicier, version of my Watty-Award winning sapphic romance TIME AND TIDE.

I want them to pick this book up as well, especially I since really want to write the other two books in the series, so I’m trying to prove to them that I’m worth it.

In that case, this means centralizing all my lovely readers on their site, with the hope that you’ll vote, comment, and recommend the heck out of it to your friends, so it gets lots of buzz.

Happy Reading!


JM FreyCOVER REVEAL – Nine-Tenths
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ANNOUNCEMENT: “Time and Tide” to be published with Wattpad

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Time and Tide” to be published with Wattpad

“J.M. Frey’s TIME AND TIDE, pitched as bi Outlander, about a young woman who is rescued from a plane crash by a dashing sea captain in 1805, and while trying to find her place in this unfamiliar time, falls for a historically famous authoress, to Margot Mallinson at W by Wattpad, for publication in summer 2024.”

I have been waiting for 56 weeks to share this news!

For those eagle-eyed readers who think the description of this novel is familiar, you’re right. Time and Tide is the revised version of my self-published sapphic romance A Woman of the Sea/The Woman Who Fell Through TimeYou read stories of authors who get their selfpubbed books picked up by a traditional publishing house and re-released with professional editing and a new cover, but I honestly thought the odds of it happening to my work were astronomically low. Imagine my surprise when, almost exactly a year ago, I got an email inquiring about the rights from W by Wattpad!

I’ve really enjoyed working with my editor, Margot, and the marketing team behind the title so far. Their ideas for the cover are fantastic, and we’re already cooking up some other story ideas for our next book together. I have this summer to work on the edits, and I’m thrilled to be bringing you a sleeker, awesomer, and sexier version of this novel.

I can’t wait to share the updates with you!

JM FreyANNOUNCEMENT: “Time and Tide” to be published with Wattpad
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ANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish

ANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish

In my continued quest to republish my backlist for my erotica works as Peggy Barnett, I’ve begun to serialize DEAR ABBY on Radish. I’m shocked and delighted that my readership is growing on this reading app, and am amazed by how much everyone seems to like my weird early-career spice.

You keep being awesome, you thirsty Radish Readers!

About the novella:

Abigail writes hokey travel advice articles that promote her company’s package tours. She gets to experience tons of resorts every year, but there’s only so much a girl can stand. So when a beautiful woman begins to pay Abby more than the standard amount of attention, Abby takes notice. After all, a nice vacation affair is just what she might need to liven up her trip. But then things start to get weird. A creepy black mark has appeared on Abby’s palm, Abby’s new lover is growing unusually possessive, and Abby… Abby can’t seem to be able to have sex enough. Abby’s lover is named after a goddess, but she couldn’t really be one… could she?


JM FreyANNOUNCEMENT: “Dear Abby” now on Radish
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LIPS LIKE ICE – Back in Print!

LIPS LIKE ICE – Back in Print!

After a short hiatus, LIPS LIKE ICE is back in print! If you’d like a copy of your very own, you can find all the current retailers listed here. I’ll update the links as more become available, so check back if your preferred retailer isn’t linked yet.

The book is still serializing for free on Wattpad and Radish, and will remain available to read for free until January 2022.

Happy reading!

JM FreyLIPS LIKE ICE – Back in Print!
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