A Summary of My 2015

I wrote two novels, a novella, a few shorts; two novels I wrote launched; five anthologies in which I had shorts or essays launched; I signed and announced two new book series (whaat??); got injuries that I am still recovering from (come on, me, being immobile is so 2006); had my heart absolutely crushed to sludge twice; moved back home with the rents (best. roomies. ever.); made my comic-writing debut; and made some amazing new Tumblr friends that I adore to pieces (one of whom just proposed to me last night. I’m moving to the Deep South, y’all. I hope she realizes that I’ve decided her joke was serious. :p ).

So in short: I’ve had lots of amazing things happen on the professional side, some really awful stuff happen on the romance side, so absolutely crappy stuff happen on the health side, and have had some amazing friends and family helping me through it all. Really am blessed in that category, and I won’t forget it.

Now onto the granular breakdown:


  • Announced that my two comics “Bloodsuckers” and “Toronto the Rude” had been accepted into Toronto Comics Vol 2. (I got a great pair of illustrators assigned to my stories, too!)
  • Midway through the month I took a slip on the ice outside of my house and (though I didn’t have a full diagnosis until November) herniated a disc, got micro-tears in the muscle of my back, wrenched my knee, tore the muscle at the top of my ankle, and tore the squishy stuff in the socket of my hip. Slept for the rest of the month with the really good drugs.





  • Unable to work full time due to my injuries, I moved home to live with my parents, and focus on getting better and meeting my contracted writing deadlines.






  • Attended EerieCon17
  • The War of the Worlds” happened, and I realized I was really, really not healthy enough to be treading the boards yet. It was interesting and extremely painful.
  • Began writing “Untitled Geek Dating Webseries Screenplay: Season 1”
  • Second round of edits for “The Untold Tale” begins


  • NaNoWriMo: wrote two short stories,one novella, and finished writing “Untitled Geek Dating Webseries Screenplay: Season 1”
  • Wrote and Launched “Ivy”, an Accidental Prequel
  • Finally got all the diagnosises for my slip and fall. Have now had enough MRIs and XRays to glow in the dark.
  • Finished line edits for “The Untold Tale”



Goals for 2016

  • Finish a short story for Peggy (so close to being done!)
  • Finish the second Accidental Novella (so VERY close to being done!)
  • Write two more Accidental Shorts
  • Write “Untitled Geek Dating Webseries Screenplay: Season 2” (And possibly 3, we’ll see.)
  • Write “The Silenced Tale”
  • Assemble all my Peggy Barnett short work into a short story collection, add a few new stories
  • Be faithful to my diet and loose some of the weight that makes my injuries worse
  • Walk every day, or ride my Recumbent Exercise Bike

Goals for 2017

  • Publish the Peggy Barnett short story collection
  • Write “The Skylark’s Search”
  • Write “The Skylark’s Sacrifice”
  • Finish some short stories set in the Skylark world
  • Be faithful to my diet and loose some of the weight that makes my injuries worse
  • Walk every day, or ride my Recumbent Exercise Bike
JM FreyA Summary of My 2015
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Things To Love Tuesdays

Things to Love Tuesday

I spend so much time talking about my own projects on the Internet that sometimes even I get exhausted. So, I’m implementing THINGS TO LOVE TUESDAYS, where I will highlight other people’s projects and awesomeness!

First up:


When I finish the first draft of a manuscript, I buy myself a little treat for getting through it sane and mostly intact. When I finished the #BathTimeNovel, I thought that this skirt would be an appropriate present for myself!


  • Nice subtle colours which make it very easy to pair with pretty much any colour top you like.
  • Did I mention pockets?
  • Elastic waistband is thick and sturdy, so it doesn’t roll or dig, and looks like a belt. I’ve found you can easily pin a brooch to it as well, to dress it up.
  • Could be ironed but doesn’t really need to be if you line-dry it.
  • P-O-C-K-E-T-S
  • The seller was courteous, quick, and professional.
  • …pockets
  • The quality of the sewing is top-notch. This is a well made garment.
  • It is cute as all get out, and I totally plan to wear it to the #BathTimeNovel book launch whenever that happens.


  • I gave the wrong waist measurement, so it was a bit too big. Luckily, it was easy to tack the elastic waistband smaller.
  • The washing instructions are a bit fiddly – you have to hand wash, line dry, and iron inside out to maintain the print.
  • No lining.(But it’s not a very staticy material, so that’s good. I’ve found my tucked-in shirt-tails are sufficient to hide underwear lines)
  • The material is only printed in one size, so there’s no way to request a longer skirt.

Like what you see? Head on over to Go Follow Rabbits and pick up a geek-inspired skirt of your very own!

JM FreyThings To Love Tuesdays
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