Q: I need to contact your literary agent. Who do I email?

A: I am currently unrepresented. You can email me instead.


Q: I need to contact your talent agent. Who do I email?

A: I am represented by Jennifer Fry of Star Talent, Inc. Please scroll down the page to find the contact info for Jennifer.


Q: Do you have any advice for writers?

A: Yes! Check out my Words for Writers articles. If there’s a question that you have that isn’t addressed in these articles, feel free to contact me to ask it. I will probably turn the answer into another article, if you give your permission.


Q: I would like to invite you to be on my podcast/come to our event/ do a signing/ come for a speaking engagement/etc.

A: I would be delighted! Shoot me an email and we can discuss it. I do ask that all travel costs and if necessary, accommodations be covered. Also, it is always best to contact a local indie book shop and ask them to attend as well so as to have my books on hand for sale if people want them, as I do not keep a stock of my own books. Please be aware that I do sometimes require my cane, so it is also best if the venue is accessible.


Q: I think you should appear at/in/be reviewed in _______.

A: Thank you! That’s very flattering! If you’d like me to be on a show, at a con, reviewed or profiled somewhere, please send a letter to that show/producer/editor and let them know that you’d like me to be invited. Unfortunately, I don’t have any power over who invites me where, and if I get to go or not, but if you tell them about me, there’s a greater chance that I will get to do it!


Q: Where can I buy your books?

A: Here is a list of my works and links to each of the online retailers that carry them. My books can also be found at your local indie store. If your local brick-and-mortar store doesn’t have my book on the shelf, they are always happy to order in a copy for you. This is also good because they usually order a few more to put on the shelf for the next person!


Q: Are there audiobooks for your work yet?

A: You can find my free short story audiobooks here. There are no audio books for my longer works yet. If you would like an audiobook of any of my other works, please let Audible.com know. If you tell them you want it, they’ll consider creating it. You can email greatideas@audible.com with your suggestion.


Q: I would like you to do some voice work/acting.

A: Lovely! I am represented by Jennifer Fry of Star Talent, Inc. Please contact Jennifer.


Q: How do I become a published writer?

A: Wow, that’s a big question. My first suggestion would be to read my Words for Writers articles. If there is a specific question I haven’t answered there, then please feel free to  shoot me an email and I’ll do my best to answer any questions you may have, or point you to any useful resources. But there are like a thousand blogs out there about how to get published, so I’m sure there’s a lot more specific information out there if you search for it.


Q: How do you get into being an actor/voice actor?

A: I started with a Children’s Drama Club when I was very young, and from there did a lot of volunteer community theatre while in school. Then I went to a theatre/drama lit program for uni, and from there just started pounding the pavement for an agent and work. I had an agent for a while, before he shut down his agency, and then moved into do a lot of background work. While searching for a new agent, I did some webseries; the webseries community is marvelous, and I find that if you are willing to be professional and volunteer yourself for them (I’ve been an actor, yes, but also crew, craft services, script editor, background, etc.) that they will be more willing to help you with your own projects.

While in theatre school, I developed a massive love of voice acting, so to fill out my resume and get experience, I did a lot of volunteer/lo-pay work out of my home studio (blanket fort!) in an effort to get my voice out there more. From there I amassed enough lines to produce a demo reel, and shopped it around until Star Talent Inc. agreed to sign me.

My colleague Alyson has some good advice here if you want to be a voice actor yourself.


Q: I have this great idea, can you write it? We can split the royalties!

A: No. I have many books/screenplays/comics I need to, or want to write in the next few years, and I would much rather spend my time writing my own ideas. However, if you’re interested in paying the ghostwriting fee to make your book idea a reality, then shoot me an email and we can discuss it.


Q: I have a book coming out, will you blurb it for me?

A: Perhaps. It depends on the genre, the turn around time required, and the length of your book. Shoot me an email and we can discuss it.


Q: Can you help me get an agent?

A: I can give you advice on how to get an agent (check my Words for Writers) and point you to some fantastic resources, but unfortunately the acquiring part is going to have to be all you. It’s a lot of hard work, but in the end it’s worth it.


Q: Can you get my manuscript in front of your agent?

A: I am not currently represented. However, if you’re asking me this, I probably don’t know you personally, and therefore I don’t feel comfortable recommending you to any agents I know.


Q: Who designed your website?

A: That would be the clever Karen Wood.


Q: OMG, your TARDIS Gown is so cool! Did you make that?

A: I designed the gown, and made some of it. My ambition really outstripped my talent in this one and I had to outsource some pieces of it. I try to wear it to events when I can, and when it’s appropriate, so if we’re at a convention together, look for me! I will probably have it on at least one evening! Other credits are:

Dress: designed and electronics wired by J.M. Frey; drafted and embroidered by Ashley Katryna; sewn and tailored by Kenneth Shelley.
Parasol: Hand Dyed to match the costume by Bedford Falls Headware
Wig Styling and Makeup: J.M. Frey
Contacts: Bought in Harajuku. I don’t recall the store name.
Jewelry: J.M. Frey and Red Moon Glassware


Q: What is Steampunk?

A: I have a few posts about that. You can browse through them here or pick up a copy of Issue 168 of Enlightenment Magazine, where I talk about Doctor Who and Steampunk.


Q: I saw/heard you on a podcast/radio show/TV program/documentary! How did you get on it? Will you be going on again?

A: Most of my media appearances happen because someone at the show reached out to me and invited me on, or I reached out to them with a press release to let them know I was available for interviews. I don’t always know when my interviews will air, but I will always advertise them on my social media. So follow me there and I’ll let you know when and where I’ll be appearing next!


Q: Are you really bisexual?

A: Yup.


Q: Do you really walk with a cane? What happened?

A: Sometimes, when it’s necessary.  Some days are good days. Some days are not good days. And I’m a big fan of escalators. I got hit by a car while cycling in Japan in 2006.


Q: Are you Peggy Barnett?

A: Yup. The reason I have these two identities nominally separated is simply because I don’t want to accidentally surprise underage readers with my erotica work. But I fully admit that Peggy Barnett and J.M. Frey are the same writer.


Q: I have a question that you didn’t answer above.

A: Shoot me an email and I’ll add it to the FAQs page!