First Impressions

First Impressions is a tough title to live up to but you’re doing a great job[…] I’ve read a fair amount about Frank Austen and you seem to have done your research in character as well as you have in history and setting.
–Mairi Graham

You have an intriguing concept here and the execution was sufficiently good to keep me reading the whole way through.
–Jack Treby

This is a fascinating story line, I’m intrigued to know how it’s going to end. Will she stay in 1806, get back to now? Will it be her choice or something out of Jessie’s control? My wife is a Jane Austin fanatic and I know she’d love to read this when it comes out in print.
–Robert Davidsonn

Excellent writing! I was pulled right into the story — feeling, living through the plane crash, tasting the salt water in mouth – together with (you) Jessie. Grabbing, vivid and beautiful. Thank you for the great read.
–Johanna Kern

Ingenious plot! You have some excellent writing.
— Lara

This is just so good, So detailed, so funny and so painfully accurate. Miss Ferris is an excellent creature, beyond doubt.
–David Brett

Very well-imagined, the details vivid and right for the time. I love this beginning in Captain Austen’s ship. The progatonist’s dialogue is natural against the 19th century dialogue. And the 20th century style, up against Jane Austen, is penetrating and as particularly done as makes it very effective. This carried me into the time and the confusion of someone of our time being there.
– Katherine

What a unique concept with polished charcters [sic] and diolunge [sic] that is carefully crafted to form a powerful voice.
–C W

What an ambitious project. This idea…it’s brilliant. Sort of like that BBC show. What is it? “Lost in Austen.” Superb idea. Wonderfully and visually wrought. You have some great turns of phrase. This is great. Really great.
–Val-Rae Christensen

Well, I was swept into this and couldn’t put it down. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was enthralled with all the characters in 1805.

This is excellent – so funny. Your narrator’s tone of voice makes me think of Janet Evanovitch although your setting is somewhat different! I liked all the little details, particularly in the clothing – “he must have been boiling” when she’s rather sweaty, or the fact that ladies then wore no knickers and her amusing reaction to this – so true!!
— Kittykat

Well this is a jolly romp and very easy to read and enjoy. The title caught my attention and Jessie, your MC is certainly a feisty heroine.
–Jim Darcy

Stunning premise and the writing is an absolute delight…you have done your research beautifully and manage to make the journey seem deliciously simple. Yet it is not a simplistic style. Your diligence in recreating a marvelous time and place and landing poor Jessie in the thick of the battle of Trafalgar no less is wonderful…very difficult to carry off..yet you do it with aplomb.
–Suzannah Burke

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