Gifts From Fans

It’s no secret that I began my creative life as a fan fiction writer and cosplayer, so I am incredibly flattered when people create fanwork based on my worlds. If you have something you’d like me to add to my website, please feel free to contact me.

Fan Art

A Woman of the Sea / The Woman Who Fell Through Time

by Archia


by Tay

A detail of theKalp stealing Gwen's cake by Tay

Basil and Kalp by Tay

Kalp by Tay

Kalp, Gwen and Basil explore osaps by Reapersun

Basil, Kalp and Gwen by Rae Dickey. This picture was a comission gift from my friend.

A memory box based on Triptych by Eric Allen Montgomery. Here is the piece with it's second light on, instead, a moody overhead. The whole case is designed to hang on the wall, too, so I can use it as an actual lamp.

The full memory box, which is in a small suitcase that I can carry around. It's lit up with a string of LED lights around the inside of the glass window.

Here is a clear image of all of the items in the case. Trust me, the will all make sense once you've read the book!

Liana K. made Kalp Ears for one of my parties.

Kalp tells the Deeds of Vren, by Fishcicle

By Christopher Winkelaar

More Kalp Sketches by Tay

A cute knit UFO by Leah Petersen

Artist Links:

Tay ~  Eric Allen MontgomeryReapersunRae DickeyLiana K ~ FishcicleChristopher Winkelaar ~ Leah Petersen

The Untold Tale

Kintyre and Bevel by Losyark

Pip and Forsyth by Inchells

Kintyre and Bevel by Inchells

Bootknife's Handiwork by Kerion O'Gorman

The Gang's All Here by Kelley (anotherwellkeptsecret)

by Andris Turney

by Andris Turney

by Christopher Winkelaar

Artist’s Links

Losyark ~ Inchells ~ Kerion O’Gorman ~ Anotherwellkeptsecret ~ Andris Turney ~ Christopher Winkelaar

The Skylark’s Saga

The Skylark by Lindsey Alvord

Those Who Would Kill A King by Archia

Artist’s Links

Archia ~ Lindsey Alvord

Lips Like Ice

Lydia and The Prince by Archia

Lydia and The Prince by Archia

The Maddening Science

Tattoo on Kenickie Street

Tattoo on Kenickie Street


Fan Fiction

  • Trenti by … well… me.  – A “Triptych” coffee house AU.
  • The Artist’s Ally by  Devin Muhic. A coda to “The Untold Tale”

Reader Photos

Baby Lila give sthe book a glance; clearly something just happened in teh text that has shocked her.

Baby Lila give sthe book a glance; clearly something just happened in the text that has shocked her.

A reader has found a copy of TRIPTYCH in the wild!

A reader has found a copy of TRIPTYCH in the wild!


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