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Steampunk Blanket Wars

This is a conversation between me, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow and Emerging Technologies Librarian at Emory BRIAN CROXALL and MIKE “The Steampunk Scholar” PERSCHON. This arose from me tweeting some relevant points that came out of presentations and discussions at the Canadian National Steampunk Exhibition this weekend. Warning, lots of aca-jargon, and gets a bit fun and

Fundraiser – Steampunk Exhibit!

Attention Toronto Area Steampunkers! In preperation for their exhibit on Steampunk at the Ontario Science Centre, (from March 4th – May 23rd at the Ontario Science Centre in their Idea Gallery space), Samantha Morel, Grace Lam and Catherine Woltz are hosting a fundraiser on FRIDAY FEBRUARY 4TH. Where: Site 3 coLaboratory, located just south of Bloor,


Time and Tide Formerly known as "The Woman Who Fell Through Time" and "A Woman of the Sea" (Wattpad 2019; Coming out in Print in Fall 2024 with Penguin Random House and W by Wattpad Books) Just a twenty-first century gal with nineteenth-century problems… When Sam’s plane crashes catastrophically over the Atlantic, it defies all

WORDS FOR WRITERS: The Importance of Your Author Headshot

A term taken from the entertainment industry, a headshot is an 8″ x 10″ professional photograph of an actor, taken with specific parameters, which is submitted to a casting director or producer in the hopes of booking an audition based on the first impression of their looks. Having a headshot-like photo of yourself as an