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I Stole A Time Lord and Ran Away

I wrote an article about the #Steampunk #TARDISGown for the #SiliconWebCostumersGuild newsletter “The Virtual Costumer” for this month! Click here to read the full article. This is a members-only newsletter until the Patreon readers have got their advanced copies, but as a special treat editor Philip Gust has agreed that the public can get a

The Skylark’s Saga

THE SKYLARK’S SONG Book One of  The Skylark’s Saga (Reuts Publications, September 2018) A Saskwyan flight mechanic with uncanny luck, seventeen-year-old Robin Arianhod grew up in the shadow of a decade-long war. But the skies are stalked by the Coyote—a ruthless Klonn pilot who picks off crippled airships and retreating soldiers. And as the only

Words For Writers

Have a question about the craft or business of writing that I haven’t answered? Ask it here! Interviews In Conversation with Kisa Whipkey – the origins and publication of “The Accidental Turn series” In Conversation with Kisa Whipkey – the origins and publication of “The Skylark’s Saga” In Conversation with Gabrielle Harbowy – the origins

General “Doctor Who” Press

Here is a page of articles I’m quoted in relating to “Doctor Who”. (Newest articles on the bottom) Issue 168 of Enlightenment Magazine, where I talk about Doctor Who and Steampunk. (2013) Nethersphere Doctor Who Fan Zine talks “Inside Out” and publishes one of my short stories. (November 2015)

ALBUM REVIEW – Victor Sierra’s “Strange Country”

(Full Disclosure – I received a presser and free copy of the album in exchange for an honest review.) VICTOR SIERRA’S WEBSITE | BANDCAMP | iTUNES | TWITTER | FACEBOOK Defining “steampunk” is hard enough when investigating the aesthetic in the visual sense. Trying to explain that it’s more than goggles, what happens when Goths