Below you’ll find a list of all the podcasts and radio shows I’ve appeared on, and links to the audio if they’re available. The newest interviews will be on the top of the list.

Beyond the Trope
~ I have a hilarious conversation withe Emily, Michelle and Giles of Beyond the Trope about The Accidental Turn Series. Listen here. (August 2017)

~Anthony McLachlan sits down with author JM Frey in the ATW studio to discuss her new novel, The Forgotten Tale. Watch Here (December 2016)

Hysterical Podcast
~I chat about pseudonyms, why fan fiction is important, and Fifty Shades of Grey with the Hysterical Podcast (because being a woman is messy!) Listen here.

Paranormal Radio
~I was invited to chat all things that go Bump In The Night with Paranormal Radio hostess Arial Burnz. Listen here. (June 2014)

Accessible Media Inc.

~Joe and I sit down for a bit of a chat about writing, my vision and hearing problems, and being an author (December 2013)
~ I talk a bit about Reversed Polarity here (November 2013)

Reversed Polarity Podcast

~Episode 8: Dinner with J.M. Frey, a “living swiss-army-knife of talent.” (October 2013)
~Episode 9: The Friends of Merrill Collection 50th Anniversary discussion panel (October 2013)

Page of Reviews
~Page of Reviews’ Third “Doctor Who” discussion podcast. Topics under discussion include, Doctor Who season six, non-linear storytelling in Doctor Who and a look at what happens when characters reach their expiration date before the actors do.
~Page of Reviews’ Second “Doctor Who” discussion podcast. We talk overarching themes, links to classical mythology, and prove that JM is a huuuuuuge geek.

~GeekNerdDork – a weekly podcast about movies, comics, video games, TV shows, the internet, books, and anything else that we think is geeky and cool this week. It is hosted by Dorkshelf’s Jeff Brown, and comedian Gavin Stephens from NERDGASM Comedy. I appear in the first 12 episodes. Listen here. Presents: Geek University, hosted by J.M. Frey
~GeekU Episode One: Sexuality in Sci Fi TV
~GeekU Episode Two: Mary Sue
~GeekU Episode Three: Whoniversal Appeal Wrap Up
~GeekU Episode Four: Youth and the Remake
~GeekU Episode Five: Cosplay
~GeekU Episode Six: Liana K. and Feminist Geekery
~GeekU Episode Seven: Time Travel
~GeekU Episode Eight: Why I Can’t Give Joss an A+
~GeekU Episode Nine: The Bad Boys of SciFi and Fantasy
~GeekU Episode Ten: SciFi in the Mainstream
~GeekU Episode Eleven: The Pros and Cons of Fancrafting

~Master costumer Kenneth Shelley talks about Triptych on Get Your Geek On!
~The Watchtower Episode 79: The FemComFanPan
~The Joe Shuster Awards 2009 Podcast
~Hardcore Nerdity Podcast Episode 53: JM Frey interviews James Strong (Doctor Who)
~Hardcore Nerdity Podcast Episode 51: JM Frey interviews Colin Teague (Doctor Who)
~Hardcore Nerdity Podcast Episode 50: The New HCN
~ Hardocre Nerdity Podcast Episode 29: JM Frey interviews Gareth David Lloyd
~Hardcore Nerdity Podcast Episode 28: Twilight and Chickens in Doctor Who
~Hardcore Nerdity Podcast Episode 24: Who’s on First?

JM FreyPodcasts and Radio Interviews