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Please be aware that the following do not represent the whole of J.M. Frey’s performance archive. These are only those videos and audio files that are currently available online.

Audio & Voice Acting

  • The Pocket Demon, I Wish I Were Dead (audio drama) (2001)
  • Various in-store spots (FabricLand, Dave Chev Olds, etc.) for Sound Investments Studio, (2005)
  • Telephone Greeting Recording & Online Commercials, One Stop Print Shop (2007)
  • Narrator, RU Ryerson Campaign, Ryerson University / Elaine Poon (2008)
  • Monica Monnaroachkillah & Flo, The Weight of Information, Part 1, (Les Page Aux Folles, 2010)
  • Lillian H. Smith, A Life In The Library (2011)
  • Angela / Female Fan / Crying Woman in Dream / Crowd , Tre Tocchi / Three Touches (English dub) for AIC Movie Inc. (2015)


  • Thalia, Ruffus the Dog’s Steampunk Adventure (Hunky Dory Entertainment, forthcoming)
  • Barista, Out With Dad, season 3 (JLeaver Presentations, Fall 2013)
  • Casey, LESlieVILLE, season 1 (Make Go Work Productions, March 2013)

Short Films



  • “Jessica”, Works For Me ,McDonalds Employment Campagin, (Mc Donald’s Canada 2008) (Improv performance)

Musicals and Singing

  • “A Life In The Library: A Musical Tribute to Lillian H. Smith”; I appear as Smith in this recording of the soundtrack. Listen to three sample tracks and find out more about the musical here.
  • “EXT: 5683 (LOVE)”; a clever little musical about falling love at a hellish job. I appear as Sarah, the romantic lead. Filmed entirely on 16mm film with a hand-crank camera. Watch the short film and find out more about it here.

Art Modelling

  • Jennifer Herd, a Toronto blogging celebrity and the graphic designer over at AUX/BITE TV, created these images of me for her City Girls series, a collection of portraits of strong, vibrant, independent and interesting creative women in Toronto.
City Girl Series - JM Frey 1

drawn by Jennifer Herd

City Girl Series - JM Frey 2

by Jennifer Herd

by Meredith Blackmore

Fashion Modelling

Both videos are for the Anime North 2012 / Toronto Steampunk Society’s Fashion show.

Podcast Host

G33KN3RDD0RK Presents: Geek University, hosted by J.M. Frey

Promotional Head Shots (click to enlarge)

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