My fans are wonderful! Here is all of the amazing fanart I’ve been sent for Triptych.

Thank you all so much. It means more than I can express that my work has touched you so much and inspired you to be creative in turn.


Fishsicle has drawn the wonderful domestic scene where Kalp is telling Gwen, Basil, and the baby about the Deeds of Vren.

Triptych Comission from Fishsicle



Tay’s cuddly portrait of Kalp, plus some fantastic doodles. My favourite is Drunk!Basil smootching Startled!Kalp.

Kalp_Finished_by Tay


by Tay 3_detail


by Tay 2


Reapersun’s picture of Kalp, Gwen and Basil sampling osaps in a summer farmer’s market.

Eric Allen Montgomery’s TRIPTYCH Memory Box:

The full memory box, which is in a small suitcase that I can carry around. It’s lit up with a string of LED lights around the inside of the glass window.

Here is a clear image of all of the items in the case. Trust me, the will all make sense once you’ve read the book! The piece also has a second “mood light” . The whole case is designed to hang on the wall, too, so I can use it as an actual lamp.

A close up of the art itself with the mood lighting on.
Eric Allen Montgomery is available for Commissions. You can contact him at: AND view his MEMORY BOXES and sculptural work here. Or, if you are in the area, swing by the Guelph Farmer’s Market (which has an arts and crafts aisle) and meet Eric yourself. He’ll be the guy in the purple tam!

The TRIPTYCH Memory Box hanging out at the Guelph Farmer’s Market, waiting for me to pick it up.

A picture of the Greys from Triptych. By the very talented Rae Dickey.

Basil, Kalp and Gwen by Rae Dickey. This picture was a comission gift from my friend.

JM FreyTriptych Fan Art