” Time travel, aliens, and the politics of sexuality combine with tragic violence in Frey’s deeply satisfying debut […] The story is so well-grounded in the characters that it never once loses its course. Frey tells the story from varying points of view in distinct voices, imagining a world at once completely alien and utterly human.”
Publisher’s Weekly, Starred Review
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“A stirring adventure, as well as a tender love story, from a first time author who truly embraces the limitless possibilities the future may bring. JM Frey’s Triptych satisfies any sci-fi reader looking for a different take on the first contact motif, or anyone looking to explore the possible evolution of human sexuality and love.”
–Lambda Literary, Read the full review

The Poly Weekly Podcast reviews Triptych (around minute 10).

” I was afraid we’d be left with a lot of technical asides and scientific musings to explore the aliens. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of being cold and clinical, the approach here is warm and human. I won’t spoil any of what happens between them, but I will say I shed tears of joy and tears of sorrow for this unusual family, and that’s an accomplishment few authors can claim. Not only is this a wonderful story, but it’s a wonderfully told story.”
–Sally Sapphire, The Bibrary Bookslut
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“The big mindblowing debut I’ve seen this year has been J.M. Frey’s Triptych, and it’s from such a small press that I doubt it will get the attention it deserves. ”
–Rose Fox, Genreville blog (Publisher’s Weekly)
Read the full article here.
Authors and Celebrities

“I finished Triptych in one go last night, couldn’t put it down even.  It’s a very impressive first novel and if Ms. Frey continues to do with science fiction what she’s done in this book she might single-handedly be credited with reviving the entire genre.  Bravo!  Encore, encore!”
Todd McCaffrey, author of The Dragonriders of Pern series

“A brilliantly challenging piece of pure SF.”
–The Steampunk Scholar

“I would never have discovered Triptych, by J.M. Frey, had I not first met the editor, Gabrielle Harbowy. We were talking about stories that challenge conventional notions not only of sexuality but of family, and she mentioned this debut novel by Canadian J.M. Frey. The cover reveals nothing of the story within — part queer love story, part alien first encounter story, part time travel adventure, part mystery, part exploration of polyamory, all laced with skillfully woven dramatic tension and a sure understanding of the needs of the human heart.”
–SciFi and Fantasy author Deborah J. Ross
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“Just finished it. Miss it already. Write another! It was unput-downable! Congrats!!”
–Jill Golick, co-creator of Ruby Skye, P.I. and president of the Writers Guild of Canada

“I enjoyed Triptych‘s development of the relationships. Kalp, Gwen, and Basil are hardly the ideal lovers from a category romance, but they’re not the usual dysfunctional couple/threesome that many writers use when they want to appear profound.And kudos to J.M. Frey for not portraying the main characters’ enemies as easy straw dogs, for example, the Christians, Republicans, white Alabamans, and other stock characters that usually exist only in “fundamentalist” flavour in science fiction. It has become de rigeur in Canadian science fiction to stereotype and demonize so-called fundies and conservatives, but Triptych doesn’t follow the trend. Frey, thankfully, wrote a novel about real people.”
Derwin Mak, Aurora-Award winning Canadian SF author
Read the full review.

“My #fridayreads is TRIPTYCH by J.M. Frey, due out in [April] from Dragon Moon Press. Polyamory + time travel + first contact! This book is totally made for me. And really well-written, not just a button-pusher! Delicious… [The] author is @scifrey, who gets my hearty thanks for writing the book of my dreams. My comments aren’t an official review, of course, just my personal reaction. I especially want to thank [her] for not bringing Kalp back to life, even though time travel would theoretically make it possible. There are few tropes I hate more than resurrection-through-love. Far braver to face the realities of grief. Well done.”
— @RoseFox (via Twitter), SF/F Reviews Editor for Publishers Weekly

“Frey delivers gloriously unpretentious science fiction, with enough fun and romantic intrigue to make you forget that something smart is going on until the closing pages.”
Liana K., Co-Host, Writer & Producer for Ed The Sock

From the luscious prose of literary fiction in what could easily have been stock sci-fi, the skillful use of cliches and pop-culture references for a geek-dream-come-true, the heart-wrenchingly true characters and complex relationships, to the use of time travel to NOT pull all the cinema-stunts you expect when you hear “time-travel,” the book was a sheer joy to read.”
-Leah Peterson, author of Fighting Gravity
Read the full review here.

“J.M. Frey’s ability to draw one into her story is irrefutable.  I am impressed by the strength of her plot and the way her characters come to life.”
–Authoress, Miss Snark’s First V ictim

“In Triptych, J.M. Frey takes a global first-contact story into microcosm as compelling domestic drama. She inhabits the alien, not as invader, or ambassador, but in a refreshing take as awkward, down-on-his-luck houseguest. Her characterizations include great sensitivity, nuance and imaginative detail. On top of all this, she successfully sets up a conspiracy that jumps through time for its payoff. Frey is a talent to watch.”
–Laurie Channer, author of Godblog

TRIPTYCH “really works the emotional states of the characters and the readers simultaneously. For me, a book that can evoke so many feelings in me is perfection. […]I love how sex, sexuality, gender, identity, prejudice and love intermix in such mind blowing ways.”
Doctor Jennifer Brayton, Associate Professor of Sociology, Ryerson University & York University
Read thefull review here.


“A strong talent, especially with nuances of conversation and emotional interaction… a seamless blending of sci-fi action and intrigue with a beautiful sensual romance, reminiscent of Heinlein.”
– Eric Allen Montgomery, Memory Boxer

“Triptych is a great read filled with plenty of action and engages the reader in thought provoking exploration of both tolerance and hatred that exists in the world. Ultimately it is a hopeful novel about the potential for humanity to rise above its differences, but recognizes that many base impulses stand in our way. I look forward to reading more from J.M. Frey in the future. ”
-Andy’s Anachronisms
Read the full review here.

“[…]I really think it should be read by someone on the Tiptree jury. The ending is a bit ambiguous and could be taken to undercut some of the plot elements. (I think it’s clear that Rose Fox doesn’t take it that way, and I’m inclined to think she’s right.) The first few pages initially caused me to think that Frey had undertaken an unfortunate career in purple prose, but there’s a reason for it. Hang in. Time travel, alien invasion, alien sex, mother-daughter relationships, office politics, 80s home cooking, how to hide a space ship, why you should never take your mix tapes along on a black ops mission, and more.”
Susan Loyal

“I just finished Triptych and I loved it. It is about time someone picked up where Sturgeon dropped off. The [Doctor] Who references were nicely done as well. More, please! […]  It is a joy to find characters I feel I could care about if I met them in real life.”
Sue in Wisconsin

“What a wonderful novel, not to mention a first-time one. I was lucky enough to win an advance copy, but you WILL buy it when it comes out in April.”
-Colleen Egan Hillerup, winner of the advanced ARC

“All I can say is wow! What an opening! I defy anyone to start this and not keep going: the pace is positively hectic, not to mention riveting.”

“In a word… stunning. The entire premise is fresh and the writers voice is one that appeals on many levels…[…] You have created a time span, with living breathing complex and alive characters […] I am enjoying the style immensely[…] frightening, and intriguing…this is a wonderful crafted journey and […] I am happy to recommend it to all readers who enjoy a fascinating un-put-downable reading experience. Bravo.”
–Suzannah Burke

“A great premise, expertly realised. Science fiction as it should be”

“I just wanted to let you know – you really nailed what it is to be a mom. My kids have made choices I would never have thought of when they were little, but you wrap your head around them because that’s part of loving them. Well done.”
–Colleen Egan Hillerup, Winner of the advanced ARC

“I stayed up all night to finish reading your book. It made me laugh out loud and possibly cry a bit. Manly tears.”

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Baby Lila gives the book a glance; clearly something just happened in the text that has shocked her.

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