What Readers Are Saying – The Skylark’s Song

  • “This book soars with action, adventure and clever world building. The details are perfect, the characters are snappy, clever and real. Strap on your seatbelts, it’s quite the ride!”
    —Arthur Slade, bestselling author of the Mission Clockwork series.
  • “A romantic, action-packed and just plain fun adventure, The Skylarks Song is a classic superhero origins story that also manages to subvert tropes and expectations. I give it five fabulous jet packs.”
    —Adrienne Kress, The Friday Society & The Explorers series
  • “Some adventures soar more than others, The Skylarks Song takes to the sky and never looks back. Full of aerial battles, potential betrayals, political and philosophical chess matches, all combined with romance, humor, and, best of all, heart.”
    —Peter Soloman, Henry Franks
  • “If you’re looking for a rollicking steampunk adventure, The Skylarks Song has it all—action! Intrigue! Romance! Cool contraptions! The Skylark is my new favourite heroine!”
    —Rob St. Martin, Sunset Val
  • “I’m a big fan of J.M. Frey’s Accidental Turn series that I was stoked to pick up this title. Though steampunk dystopia isn’t my go-to flavour of book, I enjoyed how thorough the world was. I am always happy to see diversity in characters, and women being badass is a win for me, so that made me want to read more. The relationships got steamy (pun intended) and the dynamic of how that came about was a hard read, but I liked that it wasn’t a formulaic approach to fantasy romance; it got me mad and sympathetic and a whole mess of emotions while reading it. I’m looking forward to the next installment as I need to know what happens next!”
    —Adrianna Prosser, Stories Like Crazy podcast
  • The Skylarks Song is both a fantastic adventure story and a sensitive look at the interplay between power and attraction in a relationship. Can’t wait for book two!”
    —Liv Rancourt, Vespers
  • “I have some very choice swear words for you. I you have mixed the smooth tongue of Mr. Wickham with the beautiful mind of Iago. All I have to say is Eloy better be one hell of a Mr. Darcy, because I don’t know if I am going to get over the Coyote!”
    –Brienne Wright, friend, mid-book. (And oh, how she screamed at me afterwards.)
JM FreyWhat Readers Are Saying – The Skylark’s Song