Below are quotes from readers of “When the Hero Comes Home” (Dragon Moon Press, 2011) and my story “The Once and Now-ish King”.

“What a GREAT collection of stories. Everyone will have their personal faves, of course, and the de Bie, Jones, Frey, and Buchanan stories happen to be mine […]This is a book I’m going to be rereading often, so I’ll be ordering a physical copy, too. Great job!”
–A Regular on the Forgotten Realms forum.

“Really good. This isn’t a real review, not yet. That’s only because I haven’t finished it yet. But last night I read Gabrielle Harbowy‘s and JM Frey‘s. Gabrielle’s was a fascinating story painted in such evocative language.  JM’s had me dying laughing. So incredibly smart and funny. I can’t wait to get home and read some more. You should check it out. Really. I’ll wait.”

“The Once and Now-ish King by JM Frey I jumped to next, since I already love her debut novel, Triptych. That. One. Rocks. So insanely clever and funny.”
Leah Petersen, author of Fighting Gravity
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“I don’t read short stories…usually. This one piqued my interest based around a cool theme. I thought it might have one or two good stories, then a lot of filler — but fortunately, they were all top notch. The stories (by a mix of shared-world veterans and Cdn authors) are all excellent…such that I found I wanted to tell people about the plots or characters — that special moment when you HAVE to share the experience with someone. A few really jumped out at me: J.M. Frey’s story was pure genius (both touching and hilarious), Jim C Hines with his Jib the Goblin was a frolicking (yes, I just said frolicking) good read, Marie Bilodeau and The Legend of Gluck…well the story is as good as the title, Julie Kagawa…yeah, see, I could list all of them.”
Ryan Mcfadden


“Another highlight is the Once and Nowish King by J.M. Frey. It involves King Arthur returning as a newborn baby with full adult mental faculties and the craziness that induces. It’s funny and heartwarming at the same time, something Frey can easily pull off as evidenced by her novel Tryptych.”
–K.W. Ramsey

JM FreyWhat Readers Are Saying – The Once And Now-ish King